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Models: Michelle Vanity & James Fountain Location: Axe n’ Dagger Lancaster CA

With Michelle Vanity and James Fountain at The MOAH in Lancaster, CA Natural light

Hi all, Thank you everyone for the support. I’ve been going through a health crisis for 3 months. Dr.’s have no answers or even advice! and insurance and copay have depleted us and are still racking up. I’m losing lbs every week. My symptoms are similar Mast Cell activation disorder or Histamine Intolerance, but I’m still seeking any answers or direction from the medical field. I am only able to eat a… Read More

I’m going through some health issues right now, well for the last 2 months and with no answers from doctors I’m becoming more and more frustrated. I believe I know what the basis of the issue is and I found a great website with information. The protocol they are offering is $99. I’m not working much right now so to raise funds I’m offering many images of my photo work as quality… Read More

Model: Miss Michelle Vanity Project: Dirty Detroit Show See more!

Model: Cindy Location: Andrea V Studios see more at: