about andrea

Andrea has a love for the diversity of nature and humans. She delights in the ability to create visual art that can evoke deep warmth to help others connect with their inner feelings and to see the world in a warmer light. Her visuals range from simple and clean to colorful and alive, delighting her clients and viewers from all over the globe.


Andrea was born a creative. As a young girl, she enthusiastically dressed up as Van Gough for Career Day. Her father and 3 sisters were all artists, so it seemed only natural for Andrea to gravitate towards a career in the arts. She says, “I feel driven to create these beautiful images in my head into a visual form. I strive to create something that brings joy to those around me that others can use in their lives as well. I love bringing joy through my art.”

Andrea graduated from The Art Institute of California Los Angeles in 2004, she studied animation and media arts. It was there that she would learn how to advance her skill set, she could now take her original drawings, and recreate them into Photoshop and Illustrator. These new technical elements took her work to the next level. She’s been unstoppable ever since. Andrea prefers digital work, it is her favorite medium of choice because it allows her to experiment more. “The digital medium gives me a sense of control. I can still create but also edit and experiment. It is so exciting to create an idea digitally in 2D and see the results of the product coming to life!”
Creating professionally since 2005, Andrea works in graphic design, illustration, web design, product design, screen printing, catalog design, and photography. Her work tends to focus on the female form and has a very distinctive style. – Christina Diaz