Health Crisis

Hi all,

Thank you everyone for the support. I’ve been going through a health crisis for 3 months. Dr.’s have no answers or even advice! and insurance and copay have depleted us and are still racking up. I’m losing lbs every week. My symptoms are similar Mast Cell activation disorder or Histamine Intolerance, but I’m still seeking any answers or direction from the medical field. I am only able to eat a few items that don’t cause my body to flare up or react so I’m buying vegetables every other day to keep up.

I have many photo and art prints available in my online store. A portion of sales goes to me. Please consider donating a few dollars if you can or purchasing some of my art. I am self employed as well as the primary care taker of our 2 children. I cannot work or make any income since this has been going on. I’m weak, dizzy and can barely eat. All my energy is going toward my children.

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Miss Michelle Vanity Cherry Picking

This was fun photo shoot and Rolling Thunder Ranch in Leona Valley, CA with the lovely and talented Miss Michelle Vanity. Custom sunglasses created by Tamera Von Tart.

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Pinup Kulture Magazine Cover

Pinup Kulture magazine used my photo of beautiful model Miss Michelle Beauty for their cover of the June 2017 issue Tiki Theme as well as a lovely spread of the other photos from the session.

I’m so excited and honored to have my photography featured in their lovely magazine. Here is the link to get your very own copy right now!