Write up By Ivy

Amazing kind write up on me by Ivy D’Muerta This was featured in Delicious Dolls Magazine April 2017

Gil Elvgren, Alberto Vargas, Bettie Page, Dita Von Teese…

All household names when thoughts of pinups sneak into that cheeky little brain of yours, but if the name Andrea Young didn’t arrive, then you’ll have one more name to add into that exclusive list by the end of this story!

There’s a special niche in the Southern Californian art scene that only the coolest of cats belong in, and Andrea Young has created head waves within it when she began showcasing her unique take on pinup art via graphic design and illustration in 2007. Inspired by classic and modern pinups alike, Andrea’s visual expressions on the unique feminity and sexiness of pinup culture delight and inspire sub culture and mainstream fans globally.

With her Bachelors in Media Arts and Animation giving her high level access to expand her creative genius, and being driven with a sole purpose to make all people feel good by her creations, Andrea has also expanded into photography  for weddings, pinup portraiture, children’s photography, and even illustrating for scientific publications, beauty brands, and personal invitations.

Somehow this seductive artist finds time to titillate our senses in between a fulltime career with two beautiful children, a husband, four wonderful older sisters whom support each other’s artistry deeply.

You know you want to see more, you cheeky sneaks… Discover more about Andrea and her pinups at andreavphoto.com

Birthday Portrait and Design

This birthday portrait was done casual photo booth style. The theme is cats! I designed the invitation to be fun and bright! Cat, pink and mint plus some sprinkles! At the party there will be faux cat adoptions, a collar making station, a vet checkup station and a beautiful cake creative by Megan Riley. The favors will be the adoption cats in gable boxes and these cute photo booth photos with a lollipop.


Copyright Andrea Valdespino 2017

Cute Moon Birthday party!

I’m already planning on the kids joint birthday party – 3 months away. I usually start with a fun theme they would enjoy and design the invitation from there. My son is super into space and my husband recently brought home a super amazing Nasa Space suit costume for him so naturally I went with space explorer theme! I found an adorable pink and silver star dress for my daughter and am thinking she can wear and alien hat and my son can be the astronaut.

We usually just have family over since they are so young, but I hope to incorporate some fun games into the day.

I won’t have a big budget so I ordered the gold envelopes from paper-source and will print 4×6 lustre photo prints for the invitations.

Here is what I have so far!