Cute Moon Birthday party!

I’m already planning on the kids joint birthday party – 3 months away. I usually start with a fun theme they would enjoy and design the invitation from there. My son is super into space and my husband recently brought home a super amazing Nasa Space suit costume for him so naturally I went with space explorer theme! I found an adorable pink and silver star dress for my daughter and am thinking she can wear and alien hat and my son can be the astronaut.

We usually just have family over since they are so young, but I hope to incorporate some fun games into the day.

I won’t have a big budget so I ordered the gold envelopes from paper-source and will print 4×6 lustre photo prints for the invitations.

Here is what I have so far!



Gustavo Rimada Invitation

Here is a recent invitation design for the amazingly talented Artist Gustavo Rimada. If you aren’t familiar with his work I would urge you to take a look

I first met Gustavo in 2009 and I am so in awe at how he has expanded and continually progresses in his work.