Andrea Young Art



I had fun today with a 4th of July theme and captured some cute images of some cuties.

My friend came to visit us the other day and brought her daughter and her beautiful new son Julian. We tried to grab a few photos while they were here of the new siblings. It was hard with my little ones running wild behind me, but I managed to snag a couple photos of the two.

My awesome neighbor let me borrow her beautiful boy to help me test out some new backgrounds and floors. He wasn’t too into it with teething and all, but I managed to get one good shot of him. One is all you need and I learned a lot about my new props thanks to him.

Park sessions are always fun! The kids are in good spirits and it’s fun to capture their true play behavior. Capturing a posed shot is a bonus.      

We have some great natural attractions out here in the high desert and the poppy reserve is really special. Although no poppies were blooming at this time we had a fun mini hike and observed thousands of caterpillars crossing the dirt paths that will be soon butterflies.