Curing Andrea

In 2017, Andrea’s health began to steadily decline. She assumed it could have been stress from moving, running her own business, or just seasonal allergies.

However in November she rapidly was unable to consume any food, rather than rice, without having allergic reactions- closing her throat and rejecting food. She was then hospitalized and provided an IV as a temporary solution.

The Doctors were unable to provide any clarity as to what this could have have been. Throughout the next few short months, Andrea’s illness has rapidly declined at a frightening pace.

She and her family have seen nine doctors and specialists, multiple Emergency Room visits and ambulance rides to the hospital.

There have been no answers. Only vague leads, which at this time we think this could this be a histamine intolerance issue? But, what is the right formula of food and how can this be moderated and tested?

Andrea is now under weight, can hardly eat without breaking out in hives and her throat closing. She is unable to shower regularly, brush her teeth with only charcoal, and she can’t use soaps or makeup — all set off a dangerous reaction. Some days, she has an almost seizure-like episode where she uncontrollably shakes and requires the assistance of her husband to help her through the episodes.

She is unable to work, and needs daily assistance from her family and husband to care for their two young children and regular house-hold chores.

I am setting this fund up on behalf of Andrea and her family in hopes that you can help them find a specialist to cure Andrea’s currently unknown illness. The family’s bills are already over $15K, and she can only eat specialized foods or alternatives in order to stay nourished and conscious until an answer can be found.

Please, help Andrea by contributing any dollar amount to her care and needs.

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Graphic design, illustration and photography professional.

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