Piru Mansion Wedding

We sometimes have the pleasure of photographing weddings at some interesting southern California historical locations. I love looking up the history about these old places that often are sites of great significance in the building of California.

This weekends wedding took us to Piru on the way to Ventura just off the 126. There hidden in the hills is a Victorian mansion. – The Piru Mansion also know as the Newhall Mansion. Driving up the hill as the huge mansion is revealed I felt excited. I could only imagine what the grounds held for visual stimulation. Coming to the giant gate we drove up a long dirt driveway lined by vintage serpent street lamps. The thrilling exterior did not outshine the beautiful mysterious interior. Along with flocked wall paper, portraits with mysterious faces, secret doors and hidden rooms there was an extraordinary basement with dim lanterns, stone walls and thick wood furniture. Like many of the locations we get to explore I had no idea about this piece of California history and absorbed it’s beauty and interesting history. It’s now a piece of our photo history and for the wonderful couple who brought us there.

“Built in 1890, the Newhall Mansion has been an iconic statement of Victorian elegance for over a century. Originally owned by publisher David C. Cook, it was later purchased by the Warring Family, and finally by Scott & Ruth Newhall who rebuilt the Mansion to its original specifications in 1983 after a devastating fire.” – From: http://www.newhallmansion.com/history.php

More interesting facts including film info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piru_Mansion

Here are  few photos off of my camera:

Here is a peak at some of the portraits shot by Clinton Ermey. I’m behind the scenes posing the subjects and adjusting lights.

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